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Hi! My name is Carmen Jordan and I'm 13 years old, let me tell you a little about myself. I have 1 younger brother, and 3 younger sisters. I like, photography, birds, theater, birding, playing outside, soccer, basketball, swimming,singing, music, and climbing as well! And yes, I am the oldest. :P I am going to a family reunion on the 22 - 23 and i wi be posting pictures of it (if i can figure out how!) I am also going to Boston, Georgia, and Pennsylvainia this summer! and of course, I'll take pictures. I hope you enjoy my family and i's blog and i guess, you'll see me this summer!

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We want the Jordan Family Tree to be full of the Spirit of Christ, where:
love lives in us
joy jumps out of us
peace permeates
patience is practiced
kindness is king
goodness guides us
faithfulness fills our hearts
gentleness gels us together
and self control seals it all!